Sumo Capital is committed to JBO trade support.  Whether it be on a trading floor or upstairs in any location, individual or team; market-maker or prop; we are committed to housing your trading strategy.  We have a dedicated, ultra low-latency data feed as well as connectivity to all major exchanges.  A focus on risk management, client service and software development will enable you to excel in an environment where other firms have faltered or disappeared.

In addition, you will have access to a competitive rate structure, margin leverage and our complete book of brokerage.

Culture is important to us. We seek to encourage a collaborative trading atmosphere and pleasant work environment.  We do understand that confidentiality and secrecy can be tantamount to achieving success.  As such we respect each team’s privacy and secure their strategies within the firm.


Sumo supports all trading front-ends and has deep relationships with all software vendors. Having traded with Actant since the inception of electronic trading, the partners developed a full suite of mature scripts and add-ons available to utilize the platform. In addition, we have software solutions to aid with special situations such as hard-to-borrow and dividend-paying securities.


Through our partner, Sailfish Systems, Sumo Capital provides direct connectivity to exchanges through its dedicated ultra low-latency network, high-speed market data and stock execution. Technology needs constantly change. We deliver market data, colocation, 24/7 support and the flexibility to scale and monetize strategies as opportunities emerge.


Sumo’s Compliance team has developed comprehensive compliance procedures to fully service traders’ regulatory needs.  Navigating the current landscape can be treacherous and intimidating for most traders.  In allowing Sumo’s Regulatory and Compliance network to work on their behalf, traders focus on profitability without frustration and distractions.  

Sumo takes compliance and regulation very seriously and has many programmatic and systematic procedures in place to fully comply according to SEC and Exchanges rules and procedures.  Our technology, experience and industry contacts have allowed us to provide traders with the knowledge they need to perform their market making and proprietary trading duties while being fully compliant.


We have a committed, full time Risk Management Department that looks at risk on a stock, sector, portfolio, team and firm level.  We use in depth volatility, underlying, skew and cost of carry shocks to find both hidden and obvious risks.

Our Risk Management Department is focused on adding value to traders.  Equity Derivatives can get complicated by special events such as halts, frauds, bankruptcies, delistings, stock splits, mergers, takeovers, stock tenders, rights offerings, secondary offerings, hard to borrow, buy-ins, and drug and earnings announcements. Our goal as Risk Managers is to both increase and preserve your capital by offering insightful, meaningful and unbiased opinion.